Yay, I'm glad you're interested in getting the Martini in your mailbox! 

My emails are as relatable and conversational as my blog posts, but there are some things that I only share with people I trust (like my email subscribers!). 

Just like on my blog, where you feel like you're reading a note from your best friend about all the crazy B.S. that happens in life, my emails are all about "real mom" stuff and keeping things in perspective. 

Here are some topics you’ll find in my emails:

  • Around-the-home DIY’s for people who are ok with loose instructions and measurements that sometimes end in “ish.”

  • Techie things that I use to help with fun crafts or to make my life easier

  • Being healthy a role model, even if you hate rabbit food, sweating, tight clothing, weird odors, public bathrooms, or anything lukewarm or foamy.

  • Raising kids to not be a-holes or burdens to society

  • Marriage stuff for people who want to see the underbelly of a relationship that’s far from perfect, but has lasted 23 years and has resulted in zero murders to date.

  • Traveling around Texas and to faraway places with family, including all the pain-in-the-ass things we go through in the name of “making memories.”

It's about being real, having a sense of humor, & cutting yourself some slack.

You'll not only laugh, but also think, "Oh thank you, sweet Jesus,... it's not just me."

To us!

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